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Idiot Pirate King and World’s Greatest Idiot Swordsman

According to Madara, only he and Sasuke have the “Straight Tomoe” variant of the Mangekyō Sharingan. The two are both Indra’s reincarnations, the only ones who awakened the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and were able to awaken the Rinnegan as well.

Tsukishima and team captains

muscled shark


sweet naruhina moments [1/?]

i will  never forget it…that day that you change me..thank you Naruto.


我 愛 羅


 愛 羅

"Natsu.. Is magic good? Or is it evil? Good or evil.. I want magic that can stop these tears!"

"In the end, Eclair was smiling. It’ll be fine. Lucy.. We’re here for you!

ノラ[ネコ] SPECIAL PV!!

Is this what it means to grow up? I sense the world’s blessings upon my newly attained self.

 we are the victims of ourselves.

Nitori is a senpai now!

Nitori is a senpai now!